Saturday, March 17, 2012

Trash Bash Beachside

Sunrise Park beach access, Indialantic
Keep Brevard Beautiful had their Trash Bash today from 8-noon.  We had a school thing, however, we did our own Trash Bash at the beach.  We spent about an hour and a half picking litter and picking shells.  

We collected about 2 lbs of trash and 12 cigarette butts.

Spring Breakers are here!  Lots of teens and 20 somethings were enjoying our awesome weather. 80s F 20s C. We're glad that you're here but please be good to our beautiful Florida beaches.  If you brought it to the beach please take it with you when you go, that includes cigarette butts!  Thank you, enjoy your stay.

Man O' War- pretty poison
Sadly we came upon a dead sea turtle.  We reported it to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society- 321-676-1701- call this number in Brevard county if you find distressed or deceased turtles.   Poor thing had no head.  I suppose some predator made a meal out of it.  Life in the wild can be rough.  I can't watch those shows where you see lions hunting zebras.  It's brutal. I feel horrible for the poor zebra but a lion has to eat right?  
I'm happy with my vegetarianism.  

chunk O' junk
 one for the shovel collection-#9
Care for an olive?
I recovered 9 ft. of rope, giving me a new total of......1195 ft or 398.33 yds.

Thanks for checking in,
Beach Hugger.

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