Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bottle Shock

The mighty Scott, ready to
take on the trash!
It's spring break in Brevard county so I had my helper with me yesterday.   Awesome weather for the occasion, 82F 26 C.
Ocean Ave, Melbourne Beach was where we brought our energy and boy it's a good thing we did.  What a mess.  Food wrappers and drink bottles everywhere.

junk food junk
Bottle shock
It only took about 15 minutes for us to fill two totes full of junk. Most of it was trash left on the beach.  There were a few well worn pieces of debris that  had been in the drink for awhile but 95% of what we collected was abandon by user

I found 18 beer cans buried in the sand.  Some of them, I had to dig deep to retrieve.  Why do people think that makes it better?  It's not, especially during sea turtle nesting season.
Sea turtle nest
One thing I find really interesting is that the temperature of the nest determines the gender of the turtles. Cool dudes and hot chicks!
30 recyclables
My county walk is going to head south to Sebastian Inlet, then back to Ocean Ave heading north to Port Canaveral.

Thanks for checking out my latest Beach Hug,
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