Monday, March 26, 2012

My Plastic Experiment

Back in February I discovered a video by Chris Keet about his plastic experiment.  He challenges people to save the plastic used over a thirty day period and give up one plastic item that you use regularly for that thirty day period.

Almost everything comes in plastic!  Looking at my plastic pile was not pretty.  My dogs favorite food comes in a big plastic bag, the best dish soap ever is in a plastic bottle, my son's favorite snack- yogurt comes in these little plastic cups.
I'm trying to cut back where I can but one recent change I made was my liquid laundry soap.

I gave it up for powder laundry soap in a cardboard box.  Of course inside the cardboard box is.....
a plastic scoop

I  turned the yogurt cups into music shakers for my Betty Galloway Children's Museum booth at the Rock out The Violence music festival on April 14th. This event is to support the Serene Harbor Domestic Violence Shelter here in Brevard County.  If You're in town, come to the Wickham Park pavillion from 12-8 for the best local bands and a great cause.  

I'm scrubbing out the dog food bags and experimenting with turning them into shopping bags.
Veggies from the farmers market are plastic package free and much fresher.  

On another was to be the first day of my walk the county cleanup event.  Reality check: I'm not going to be able to walk the county in a week.  Especially with my April 14th event- I have so much to do!  However, I am going to begin my county walk tomorrow and do it in little bites.

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