Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sneaking Up On Litter

Lee rockin' it with Air-Tyte
Rock Out The Violence
Cleaning Brevard Beaches for Love of People and Animals
Beginning where I left off
Rock Out the Violence kept me busy for awhile but now I'm getting back to beach cleanups. The concert was great.  All the bands that generously donated their time and talent for the local domestic violence shelter were awesome.

Thank You- Chuck Van Riper, Billy Chapman, Luna Pearl, Vintage, Air Tyte- with special guest Lee Daniels- and the Bone Dogs.

It was a fun first run for the Betty Galloway  Children's Museum.  The kids loved my paper mache volcano, the percussion petting zoo and painting shells. I sold my first TOWE (This One Won't Entangle) rope bracelet which I made out of recovered beach rope.  25% will be happily donated to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society.  : 0 )
I headed back to Melbourne Beach to continue my county wide cleanup.  I picked things up (literally) at Spessard Holland Park North.  We cleaned the length of the park.
Lee, sneaking up on litter
Poor Ken, abandon at the beach
in his britches
Someone's castaway flowers decorated the beach
It says: ready to enjoy.  I don't think the sea turtles would agree

We found 11 ft of rope, brining the tally to........1215 ft or 405 yards of rope removed from Brevard beaches since October 2011.

Thanks for dropping by,
Beach Hugger.