Thursday, January 26, 2012

Got milk? Probably not.


A spot just for you,
Sunrise Park, Indialantic
I scream, you scream, we all scream for... fish hooks?  My poor thumb.  I wasn't thinking as I enthusiastically ripped at a clump of dried seaweed to release the fishing line within. The discovery of a hook was announced by my scream.  It's only a flesh wound. 

The offending hook

Chop sticks with 'training wheels'
Can't blame drunkenness
for littering...
non alcoholic cider

This soldier has been
relieved of duty
Got milk? Probably not
Goodness only knows what was actually in this milk jug.  The date was Feb '97.  It could have some horrific chemical in it now.  I learned from a city beach cleaner to never open anything, just throw it away.
He shared the story of having to close down half of Miami Beach years ago after some workers found a container that had washed in.  It looked like water, however, it was some awful chemical.  The guy that opened it passed out and fumes found their way into A/C units, causing mayhem.  
And really, who likes mayhem. 

Today we collected about 8lbs of trash and 24 ft. of rope.  New rope total: 1172 ft.  That next end-zone is coming into view.

Thanks for checking in on my blog.  The weather is still gorgeous.  Leave winter behind and join us for a Beach Hug here in Brevard.
Bye for now,
Beach Hugger.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of Moons and Hearts and Flowers

Moon shell collar
formed from sand
when moon shell snails
lay their eggs

Not the type of sea heart that 
should be floating in our seas

Ever vigilante in Paradise
The beach was busy on a Tuesday afternoon. Lots of tourists and snowbirds. We cruised Paradise Beach, it was looking beautiful!
Not much litter to be found.  We're waiting on a good winter storm to bring about a plastic purge.
Not that we are having a winter.  It's been 79 F for days,  25 C.  Lovin' it!
Little foamy flower looking thingy
I collected about 4 cigarette butts yesterday and let me tell you, those 4 little butts made my tote bag stink to high heaven! I couldn't believe how strong the smell was from 4 little butts. My hats off to Danielle from- It Starts With Me-(check it out on who collects many more than I do and must endure a serious stench.
Little stinker
Today we hit Ocean Ave in Melbourne Beach.  Again the beach looked beautiful.  We focused on the smaller bits of plastic and stinky cigarette butts.

Beach hugs;  protecting from protection
Fish like shiny things

Yesterday we found 15 ft. of rope at Paradise Beach, Indialantic and today at Melbourne Beach we collected 3 ft.    The total has reached 1148 ft. of rope or 382.66 yards.  I'm moving in on another touchdown!  We collected maybe 3 lbs. of trash.

Thanks for checking in,
bye for now,
Beach Hugger.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sea turtle eating Jellyfish

Sea turtles are the main reason I became a Beach Hugger.  Ten years ago as a member of the Sea Turtle Preservation Society, I learned the damage that trash in the sea can do to these beautiful creatures along with other marine animals.

Today's cleanup was at Avenue B in Melbourne Beach.  It was quiet, a few longboarders riding some small rollers, a couple of joggers, some brown pelicans playing follow the leader and ...
Forgotten fireworks
the Beach Huggers.

Sure, fireworks are exciting when they shoot up into the sky and light up the night.  It's the cleaning up that is a bit of a yawn to some people.
I would love to know what this means,
any Asian language scholars
want to take a shot at it?
The beach looked pretty but up in the dried seaweed near the dunes is where the nasty debris was hiding.  Today was a big rope day; 30 ft.  The new total is 1130 ft. or 376.66 yds.

Thanks for dropping by,
Beach Hugger.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jack in the Wrack

Exterior Decorating
Keeping Brevard Beaches Clean

For Love of People 
and Animals

Some people load up when they come to the beach, umbrellas, chairs, tents but trees? Going for that real tropical feel I guess.  

Millennium Park in Indian Harbor Beach has been adopted by our local beachside Wal-Mart.
Many of the beaches in Brevard County have been adopted by organizations which do regular cleanups.  It's great to see so many people getting involved to keep our beaches clean.
I was there yesterday for about an hour finding all kinds of junk.  Weather- gorgeous, around 80 F- 25C.

I spent about 15 minutes ripping dried seaweed to get to a big snarl of fishing line. Into the recycle tube with you.
Jack in the wrack
Lee has a theory that the seaweed that wraps around rope and fishing line does so as a naturally defensive move to make it less able to entangle and injure sea life.

I collected a good 10 lbs of debris along with 22 ft. of rope moving my total to 1095 ft or 365 yds.

The remains of the prey
Grampa's beach,
we miss him
Today it was down to Seagull Park in Satellite Beach, grampa's beach, in honor of my late father-in-law.
Boat bumper
Big plastic chunk of
could be anything junk

Much more litter has been on the beach lately.  I filled a good full tote today along with another 15 ft. of rope.  The total is now exactly 1100 ft. or 366.66 yds. of rope collected since I began keeping track two months ago. I don't know if people realize how much is out there.  A LOT. And what it does to wildlife is not pretty. I want to get it off the beach so it can't wash back out and entangle marine animals.

 Two months until I walk the county in a county wide Beach Hug.
I would love company if anyone is interested in walking a section with me and my Beach Hugger crew.

Thanks for stopping by,
Do svidaniya
Beach Hugger.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mermaids Keep Sharks in Their Purses

Mermaid purse-
egg case for rays
and some species of sharks 
Keeping Brevard Beaches Clean
Stainless steel hunk o' junk
Rope to be revitalized
For Love of 
People and Animals
Skies have turned grey
 for the Sunshine State

Today there was a little more churn in the sea compared to yesterday.
A bit cooler as well, 60s F high teens C.

Too flimsy to be a catchers mask,
any ideas ?
Cooking Butter
 from Haiti
Lee and I went to the beach access next to the Crown Plaza Hotel, Indialantic.

Rope collected: 13 ft.
New total : 1086 ft or 362 yds, heading for touchdown number 4.

No shortage of litter up in the dunes, tangled in the dry seaweed.   

Only a month and a half until sea turtle nesting season.
Turtles need clean beaches for their
important mission.
Come on down,
we'd love to have you join us for
a Beach Hug for turtles.

Thanks for visiting,
Beach Hugger.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Litter Lull



Fifth Avenue was our destination today. Warm sunshine and fresh sea air filled us with positive energy.
Gorgeous Florida day
The past two years Florida has had some cold winters.  We are holding out hope that this year will be a little warmer, so far it has.  Today it reached 78 F 24 C, can't beat that.

It was, however, a surfer's nightmare.  Flatter than flat.

Too new to keep
The beaches remain in a litter lull but I can always find chips of plastic, straws and bottle caps.

I found a cool green shovel and I would have added it to my extensive abandon shovel collection, if it were not for the little cutie pies hanging at the beach with dad. 

 It's true when you give something away it comes back to you.  I walked a short distance and came upon a shovel head that had just washed in.  It's silly, I know, but I get a kick out of my shovel collection.  :o)

I found 3 ft. of rope bringing the total up another yard to a whopping 1073 ft. or 357.66 yds.

Thanks for visiting.  I'm going to be working away on my Hope Rope creations.  I'll post more information soon.
Walk the county with me (or part of it) the last week of March.  Let see how much junk we can find in a county wide Beach Hug.  Come to the warmth of Florida, and bring a bag!

Beach Hugger.

Monday, January 9, 2012

U Can Make a Difference

Ah yes, it was back to school for the little one today.  Early rise for all involved.
Flocks flocking to Florida

I couldn't get to the beach today, however, yesterday we hit Melbourne Beach and enjoyed a warm Florida January day- 74 F, 22C.  There were sunbathers on the beach, surfers in the water and one adventurous ultra light pilot puttering around in the blue skies above. 
U can make a difference.
Ultra light beach flight
Little litter littered the beach
but it's still all bad
Lovely medical lab waste

The Mighty Scott
knocking down palm trees
with pinkies

Hope Rope is born!
I have a new project:  Hope Rope.  With all the rope Lee and I find, we have come up with an idea to support the cause.  Hope Rope jewelry, book marks, key chains (and door mats, to come in the near future) all made from beach recovered rope. The Hope Rope item you purchase is made from rope that was removed as a potential marine animal entanglement hazard.  (completely rejuvenated with our amazing cleaning process). You will be supporting our beach cleanup efforts and 25% of the profits will be donated to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society.  They do a wonderful job protecting these amazing creatures.  Brevard County is the largest nesting area in the Northern Hemisphere for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. 
More information to come soon about Hope Rope.....

Speaking of rope....yesterday's count was 15 ft. bringing the new total to 1070 ft. or 356.66 yds.

Thanks for checking in on the latest Beach Hug. 
I appreciate your interest in my Beach Hugs.

If it's within reach
be a peach
hug your beach.
Beach Hugger.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Blue Marble

Lee recycling fishing line
One good tern deserves another
Did Santa do that?
Florida, back on track!  No bundling today.  It was a t-shirt and flip flops day as temperatures rose to around 73 F, 21 C.  Winter in Florida, gotta love it.

Not the Oaklys!!
We headed to Bicentennial Park in Indian Harbor Beach.
Hangin' with the royal  terns in IHB

Between the two of us, Lee and I probably only picked up about 6-8 lbs of trash today.
We relieved the beach of 4 ft of rope, creeping our total up to 1055 ft or 351.66 yds.

After our cleanup we visited the Sea Turtle Preservation Society shop: 111 Miramar Ave
Indialantic.  If you're in the area stop by, they have lots of cool arty items for sale, including lots of jewelry.  It all goes to help the turtles.

We had a wonderful talk with Ann and shared cleaning tales.
I was thrilled when she gave Lee and me each a blue marble.  It means a lot to me.
I had heard about the blue marble project through Sara Bayles' Daily Ocean blog.
Check it out for yourself at:
Ann taught me something today, I knew the planet was 2/3 water, however, I didn't realize we are matched with the earth in that we are also 2/3 water. (Am I the only one who didn't know that?)
Great Blue Heron
keeping close watch
over the fishermen
Also the salinity proportions within us match that of the ocean.  Now I know why people say Mother Ocean. Love your mother, hug a beach.

Thanks for dropping by
au revoir,
Beach Hugger.

My blue marble

Broken up trash can,
it has become what it once held

Low tide revealing rocks