Friday, October 28, 2011

Funky Finds

I wasn't able to get to the beach today but here are some funky finds
from past cleanups...

Sand Tiger Shark tooth
from Ocean Ave.
Glad we didn't meet momma!

Beware the Hippo!  These guys kill around 200
people each year in Africa.
This one has been safely removed
from the environment.
Don't even know..
any ideas?

it says 'Intuition" 

Le'go my wheels

The worlds smallest surfboard
(disguised as a barrette)
Poor Carmen Miranda,
a little too much mambo motion
on the rail of a ship
in the middle of the ocean.
She fell and squealed-
"Oh Shoot"
Now all that's left of her
is  this fruit

Here's the scoop on litter...

Sure, Barbie doesn't care if she
leaves her junk at the beach.
 She's always getting more.....
                                                           Foul Trowel

Thanks for dropping by.  Now get to the beach with your lovely mug and give the beach a lovely hug.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keeping it down to a roar

Keeping Brevard Beaches Clean For
Love of People and Animals

Patrick's AFB beach
 Another gorgeous Florida day.  Tuesday we drove North to the beach at Patrick's Air Force Base. 
In general Brevard County beaches look pretty darn good.  I'm meeting more and more people who tell me they are doing cleanups.   

Giving the beach the brush off!   We found a few of these on Tuesday.  
Trash in hand
from a foreign land
Two full bags of trash and a lump of rope was liberated from the beach in less than an hour.   Our lesson for the day:  a long time beachcomber told us that the ocean in Florida used to be 45 miles east of where it is today and that ancient horse teeth can be found along the shore.  

Mangled mess
Inside this mess I found the remains of a sweatshirt, frames for sunglasses, fish-netting, padding for a boat seat, lots of twisted, dried seaweed and yards of fishing line wrapped around everything.  I'm in the process of untangling it so I can pull out the fishing line and recycle it. 

Beautifully Dramatic Indialantic 
 Wednesday the Beach Hugger crew parked at 
Sunrise Park in Indialantic.  A storm out at sea had the waves churning.  Lots of junk was getting washed in.
Time for tea at the sea
Someone's favorite
Strawberry Shortcake

Bucket O' Barnacles 
We me a young mom cleaning up the beach with her tike and a gentleman who had done a cleanup earlier in the day.  Thank you!!
It takes all of us to keep the mess down to a roar!
Thanks for stopping by.

If it's within reach, please go hug a beach.
This traveller came all the way
from Venezuela 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Litter Is No Laughing Matter

Incredible Cocoa Beach
After a visit to the 16 annual Sea Bean Symposium and Beachcomber Festival on Saturday the 22, we decided to check out the local beach.  The beaches of Cocoa Beach are nice and wide; they're beautiful.  We were in time to see a kite surfing competition.  I'm sure those guys don't like running into rope and trash when they're doin' their thing.

Tiki says- litter is no laughing matter

Enough rope to hang
some poor creature
It was only to be a short walk on the beach for pleasure but we can't walk by litter and not pick it up. We know too much!  It was a short and sweet cleanup but we did remove some potentially harmful trash. 
A big ouchy averted

Hey, it works- bonus
 Thanks for stopping by and... I don't mean to bug ya 
but tell some beach- I want to hug ya
Can you spot the jellyfish

Friday, October 21, 2011

Litter makes me blue

Keeping Brevard Beaches Clean For Love of People and Animals

Another day of beautiful blue skies, blue sea, blue sand, wait a second- what?  YES! Everything was blue today! I can't see the camera on my phone in the sunlight. It doesn't help that my phone and my pocket conspire to adjust settings without me knowing, until it's too late.....
Indialantic on the south side the Crown Plaza was our starting point this morning.  
"Blue Mornin' "
The beach looked pretty good.  I'm meeting more and more people who are out there cleaning the beach.  It's a beautiful thing.

Rogue rope  
I can't mention enough how bad these tangles of rope are for marine creatures.  I find piles of it almost everyday. There must be tons of it cruising the seas.     

An almost daily findPerfect for the trick or treaters

Thanks for stopping by

"Little Blue Planet,
Third From The Sun

I've got a feeling about this one.......

I don't want to preach but go hug a beach!

Black (and blue) Cigar box

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beauty and the Beast in Indian Harbour Beach

                                                     KEEPING BREVARD 
Beauty at the beach-IHB
The usual suspects
Kudos to Indian 
Harbour Beach!  Trash was at a minimum.  We filled two bags and had to walk a good distance to do that.

 little hammer head
You never know what you'll find along the shore; from hammer heads to hats

Tons of shells to peruse
It was a great shelling day, made a little safer; I relieved the beach of some nasty jagged aluminum.
Another rewarding day. Thanks for stopping by.
Don't be a litter bug, give your beach a great big hug!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No short supply...


 It doesn't have to be sunny to be beautiful.  Cool breezes and grey dramatic cloudscapes met us at the Ocean Avenue beach access this morning.

Yesterday was too drizzly for a clean up so we made up for it today by filling four plastic grocery bags with trash; about 20 + lbs. 

Everyday this stuff is out there.  Whenever I think, maybe we won't find much today....I'm wrong.  Unfortunately there is no short supply of trash on the beach.
Foe to fins and flukes

This deadly stuff has to be kept away from the animals who will ingest it or become entangled in it and suffer and die due to the carelessness of people.  If you see it at the beach or in the water dispose of it properly.
You'll save lives.
Deadly decorations
Another day at the beach,
 leaving it a little prettier, a little safer. Enjoy
Thanks for stopping by. 
Have you hugged your beach today?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hooked on cleaning

Gorgeous Florida skies 

 An evening beach clean up for a change. On Sunday my partners in grime and I were treated to beautiful sunset skies.

The cruelty of improperly discarded fishing hooks and line is horrific. We picked up this hook and line at Ocean Ave., saving someone from having a foot skewered or a bird from having it pierce a wing or beak.  It can mean a slow and horribly painful death to a bird.  The line can become wrapped around legs and wings. These items can be recycled at bait and tackle shops.  Many boardwalks have white recycling tubes for hooks and line.  Please use them for everyone's safety.
It's not hip to litter

Why buy new when used will do!

Monday we hit 5th Ave.  in Indialantic. We were greeted by a                      beautiful cool morning and lots of junk.
It would be chewy to an animal- not in a good way
Big stringy carpet mess 

Anything clear and plastic floating in  
the sea looks like a 
jellyfish to a sea creature
Not a barrel of fun

A barrel washed up at Fifth Ave.  full of some unknown liquid.
This kind of plastic will break up at sea, the chemical will spill out into the environment and plastic pieces will end up in animals and on the beach.  Too heavy for us, the beach patrol came to pick it up. 
Thanks for stopping by, now go hug a beach. :0)