Saturday, March 24, 2012

First hatchlings

Canova beach, Indialantic; Thursday, March 22.  

Spring breakers are all over the place enjoying our Florida spring- a beautiful mid 70s day or mid 20s C.
The beaches look pretty good but they can be better...

Lager litter

The first turtle hatchlings have been spotted on our Brevard county beaches. Yea!
 These little guys have a tough road ahead.  Only about one in 4000 survive to adulthood. They deserve a nice clean beach to start their journey.
faded balloon
snack scrap
We walked for about an hour collecting bits of plastic as well as shells.  A passing surfer gave us a big thanks, always appreciated.  

We removed 9 feet of rope from the beach bringing the total up to 1204 ft or 401 yards. 

Thanks for stopping by,
Beach Hugger

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