Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cans in the Sand


Beach Hugger is back!   Moving is not fun but it's what I have been doing for the past week.

Chips destroy
 Sunday, November 27, I did manage to get to Melbourne Beach at Ocean Ave.  Not a lot of big trash but the ever present plastic chips were in abundance.
Recently I saw a photo of a decomposing seabird, there was a collection of plastic where it's stomach had been. The problem of plastic is huge.

As I walked along doing my thing a little guy who was about 6 or 7 came running up to me with a bottle cap to toss in my tote bag.  Thanks little guy, you're off to a great start.

Rope was in no short supply; I found 25 ft of it bringing my total to...626 ft or 208.66 yards.
Exploring and discovering trash

Another 25 ft of rope
Today we headed to Paradise!  Paradise Beach was looking pretty good today.  The waves were small, gentle rollers. It'll take another good storm at sea to dredge up more big stuff.  I did, however, find lots of plastic pieces and aluminum cans. I don't know why people think burying them in the sand is the answer?  Some poor sea turtle is going to be digging a nest and beer cans will be flying with the sand.  Heads up!

10 more feet of rope was eliminated from being a potential threat to marine life.
 As of today my grand total is- drum roll please.......... 636 ft or 212 yards.  

I believe I converted a new beach hugger today, a sunny spirit recently transplanted from New Jersey.
Hope to see you out there.

Thanks for stopping by.

I use the planet 
But I'm no leech
Every chance I get
I'm gonna hug the beach

Palms in Paradise

I don't know why there are so many of these
I find one almost every cleanup

Litterous lure

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Haul

Amazingly beautiful day at
Sunrise Park Indialantic  

What a gorgeous day.  There was a slight coolness in the gentle breeze that caressed us as we strolled along the beach this morning.

It was a pleasant surprise to find little trash to
'blog of'.  Unfortunately what that means is that the garbage has been reclaimed by the sea.

However, today was one of those lazy days where we spent more time enjoying the beach we love; collecting shells and watching surfers.  It felt as though the beach was saying thank you to us today.  
Keeping one eye on the hunt for trash I searched the wrack line for simple treasures and was not disappointed.

Thumbnail size baby conch
 I found what appears to be a miniscule sand tiger shark tooth, unfortunately my camera phone could not take a decent photo of it.

 I'm glad not every day looks as though a trash truck dumped a load on the beach but when it does I'll do what I can to make my little part of it look better.  Along the way I stumbled across 2 more feet of rope.
Bringing my new total to.....601 ft or 200.33 yards, over two football fields in length!
I am blessed.   I walked in the sunshine up to my ankles in warm ocean water. I found some treasure and had a nice chat with a local lady who greeted me with a grateful hello. She is one of the many wonderful beach cleaning guardians of Brevard that I have met during my cleanups.

Thanks for dropping in- it's OK to do on a blog but not a wave-

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving for us in the States. Have a happy one and....

try not to let too much turkey make you a slug,
get to a beach and give it a hug.
Shell skeleton
Some plastic piece of
goodness only knows!

clear plastic is
always on hand

The ocean was making some cool
patterns in the sand
Our small haul

Mini augers

Monday, November 21, 2011

Litter Is A Cap-ital Offense


Saturday was cool in Florida and it was raining off and on.  We headed to Canova for a cleanup which lasted only about 30 minutes; we were rained out.  AND THAT RAIN WAS COLD!
Fishing line recycle tube
Canova Beach
Rope rubbish
I know, I'm getting no sympathy from the Northerners.
Not the kind of beach glass
I like to find
Not a lot of large debris at Canova but chips of plastic all over and we recovered 20 ft of rope.

Cap-ital offense 
Someone got a present
and all the beach
got was this lousy bow
Thy cups runneth amuck
Sunday we drove south to Melbourne Beach and stopped at Juan Ponce De Leon Park. In 2013 it will be the 500 year anniversary of Ponce's landing on this beach.  I'm sure there was less mess when Ponce arrived.

South Melbourne Beach looked as if a garbage truck had dumped a load on the sand.  We spent over an hour collecting trash and filled 6 tote bags full of plastic, including 3 hair relaxer tubs.  Each one I have found has been full.  I'm starting to think they are from a shipment that was lost at sea.
As we looked down the beach and saw big chunks of plastic strewn all over, it was hard to leave.  We easily collected 30lbs of trash.  We also collected another 20ft of rope.  Bringing my new total to..... 599 ft or 199.66 yards, just shy of the length of 2 football fields.

Thanks for dropping in on my (almost) daily beach cleanup report.   So much is out there it's ridiculous.

There's no sweeping this under a rug,
it's time to give the beach a hug.
Juan Ponce De Leon Park
Melbourne Beach FL
Why must there be
so much litter?
Hair relaxer count:5
I find a lot of these plastic glow sticks.
Divers use them and apparently they
loose them too
Teeny, tiny beach chair
Hard hat innards 
A sampling of the days haul

Friday, November 18, 2011

More funky finds

The sand with the one red shoe
Unfortunately I have not been able to get to the beach the last two days due to administrative necessities.
Petite princess pollution
Please enjoy some of the funky finds I have relieved the beach of.
Also check out The Daily Ocean blog by Sara Bayles.  She does a beach cleanup in Santa Monica, CA.
Yuck, really.
She has some beautiful pictures taken at the Monterey Aquarium where she spoke to a group of young people working to clean up the oceans.

All this junk is out there EVERYDAY!
Working toward less plastic in your life is a great start.
wheely, wheely messy
Storming the beaches
Skeet scatah
Thank you.

It's up to Chong,
it's up to Cheech
it's up to us all,
go hug a beach.
Please don't leaf litter on the beach
Sandy slaps
dialing in on trash
Young ones, ask you parents!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Blue Light Special is losing its glow

Nothin' but blue skies at
Sunrise Park, Indialantic 

Florida is still warm, come on down if you're chilly! But please bring a bag and some gloves. : )
Today we hit the beach in 'beautiful Indialantic by the sea', as the locals like to call it.
An ouchy waiting to happen.
One of two hooks I removed 

from the beach today

Arm-y of one
We can do it!

It was another day that found me feeling a bit overwhelmed. There is so much plastic all over the beach.  We cleaned for about an hour and collected three bags of yuck. I hate to leave knowing that tons of it remains on the sand and is soon to be washed out to sea.  At least some is better than none.

 There was a sand cat watching over the beach. It was cute, however, I did have to confiscate its ears; they were chips of plastic. I replaced them with seashells.
Today I recovered another 20ft. of rope, bringing the total up to 559 linear feet, which translates to 186.33 yards.

Thanks for checking in with my blog.

Now, be a peach 
 hug a beach.

Blue light special
losing its glow
Sand Cat
I thought for sure this product
would be a once in a lifetime find.
Not so.   This is number two.

Typical of what I find
ALL OVER the beach
Irrigation irritation
Someone's lost sprinkler system

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello Kitty-Litter


Plastic was everywhere this morning.  It makes up about 98% of what I pick up. It's a huge problem.  Wildlife that depends on the ocean is showing up with stomachs full of plastic.
(see the ocean conservancy website for more on that)

It was disheartening to see so much trash strewn across the beach.  Standing on the boardwalk, we looked up and down the beach and saw big pieces of junk sticking up in the sand.  We did what we could to make a dent but it's never enough.
We've picked up three of these
I have no idea what they are
beyond a plastic mess
Trashy Truck
Hello Kitty- Litter
Not a "fresh step" in the right direction 
No clue.
Any ideas?
Cleaning supplies, making a mess on the beach
Mas Messy

Forlorn Funions
7 feet of rope
recovered today

To date, the Beach Hugger team has recovered 
539 linear feet of rope.  That's 179.66 yards.
We're moving in on that second football field.

Thanks for visiting.

Remember what Madonna said...
Papa don't preach,
I'm going to hug the beach