Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nasty little litter

Sunset at Avenue B- Melbourne Beach

I have been up to my elbows in paint and haven't had time for a beach cleanup lately, however, Scotty and I were able to make time at sunset today. (Friday)

Florida is having no winter this year.  Good grief, it was 91 F! (30 C).

Melbourne Beach was looking pretty good.  We did pick up about 5lbs. of trash along with some cool treasure. There was a thick trail of shells along the wrack for our perusal. AND... 10 feet of rope.  New total- 1182 ft. 394 yards.

I'm working on my plastic experiment....... I have a box in my garage for my plastic.  Yipes! Dish soap, shampoo, bleach, caps on beverage cartons.

 I wanted something to drink and I looked at the coolers in Wal-Mart.  All those little plastic caps gleaming at me atop cardboard cartons.
I did find one container that had no plastic cap, the old spout method.  I was thrilled, however, it was 100% artificial- the container proclaimed that it contained no actual juice.
I'm drinking a lot more tap water these days.

Little Nasty 
The worst thing I found today was a hook and some line entangled in a shredded plastic bag.  It had just washed up and I didn't notice the hook right away; I've learned to untangle these things slowly- the hard way of course- ow!.  Some poor sea turtle could have seen that shredded bag and thought it to be a jelly fish, taking a bite he would have had a nasty, painful surprise.

Hamburger sea bean
from Costa Rica
Moon shell
also known as a Shark's eye
for the little eye-like
swirl in the center
Collar made by a moon shell
snail during egg laying
drastic plastic
So close to so many trash cans...
Freshly washed in whelk
Good night beach
Thanks for stopping by.  I have more painting to do but I hope to get back to the beach soon,
Beach Hugger.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Plastic Planet/Plastic Experiment

I'm painting a house this week, new beach cleanup soon.  Please check out this video about what plastic is doing to the planet and learn about the Plastic Experiment.

Beach Hugger