Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keeping it clean for turtles

Sunday, Soggy Sunday...

Palmetto Scrub at Coconut Point, Melbourne Beach
Scrap strap
With rain pouring down, it's not a beach day today.  However, yesterday was a gorgeous beach day. 
Melbourne Beach was looking pretty good, we probably collected less than a pound of trash, two cigarette butts and this heavy duty plastic...
Meals Ready to Eat-menu 6- chicken with noodles

We heard a lot about these MREs during the hurricanes of 2004.  Some people were without power for weeks.  We were out for 10 days and later for 12 days. Thank goodness we had a gas stove!

I picked up 4 ft of rope, bringing my total to 1186 ft or 395.33 yds.
Beauty at the beach-Coral Bean plant
Of course there were bottle caps and plastic chips and evil jellyfish imitators; which were removed and disposed of.  

Sea Turtle nesting season has begun. The massive leatherbacks are the first to begin laying eggs. (they can be over 1100 lbs) In May the Logger Head season will officially be underway.
Check out the Sea Turtle Preservation Society website for more information. 

Have you hugged your beach lately?
Keep it clean for turtles!
Thanks for stopping by,
Beach Hugger.

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