Friday, March 30, 2012

Sniffing Out Litter

Cleaning Brevard Beaches for Love of People and Animals
Here I am, Beach Hugger
ready to continue my southern journey

Flying solo yesterday, I began where I last ended my previous cleanup; Third Avenue, Melbourne Beach.
Third Avenue, my starting point

It wasn't quite the mess that Ocean Avenue was, however, there was enough to fill a tote bag.
Turtles like shiny things
Shadow beagle
sniffing out litter
Highlighting the need to
keep our beaches clean
There are trash cans at every beach access,
 not that far away.  I don't get it.

You cannot hide from me
One for the collection!
Wreckage in the wrack
It was hot, about 85F, 23C; summer is on its way.  During the summer we go through periods of 100F for days in a row, around 35C.  My cleanups will have to be either early morning or as the sun is setting; that's too hot for me.

Journey's end for this day- The Breakers condos
 I walk down on the top of the sand, searching the dunes for junk and then on my return I walk along the shoreline, finding relief from the hot sand in the cool ocean water.

Thanks for coming by, Beach Hugger Brevard. 

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  1. Recently found one of the exact same orange shovels on my beach here in Maine! I guess when they churn them out by the millions and big box stores sell whole beach sets for $1.00, it's no surprise. What tired, hungry, & cranky family will spend more than a few seconds hunting down a cheap shovel at the end of a long beach day?