Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sea turtle moms deserve better


Scotty trying to look official
Continuing south from the south end of Spessard Holland Beach Park North, we walked until we reached the north end of Spessard Holland Beach Park South.

Today's conditions; (Monday) windy, choppy seas and a nice 80 F- 25 C.  I had Lee and Scotty with me in Melbourne Beach today.  I have not been able to get to the beach as much as I would like but I'm getting there when I can.  

Lee and I have been busy getting pulled over as  robbery suspects- the nerve of those people committing a crime in a vehicle that looks exactly like mine!!!!  It was a short terrifying incident that was handled with professionalism by the boys in blue- actually I think they were wearing black but thank goodness we have them to do their job; the real perps were caught that night! Whew! I knew I didn't do it.

Today we relaxed in the fresh air as we walked the beach picking up the usual

We came upon sea turtle tracks, I followed them up to the nest

and right on top was this plastic lid
It looks as though mom stirred it up as she covered her nest,
Sea turtle moms deserve better.

I discovered some half buried nasty diapers- yuck- and lots of clear plastic; among other debris.

Scotty picked up a few bottles that we recycled.

looks to me like something
that could actually fit in
a beach bag!
Between the three of us we probably collected around 4-5 pounds of trash including 13 ft of rope, raising the new total to.....
1228 ft or 409 yards.

Beach Sunflower
something bright and colorful I like to see at the beach

Thanks for stopping by, there is a paintbrush and a ceiling in my immediate future but I'll be back ASAP,

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  1. Kudos for your efforts in the East, and greetings from the far West. i.g.