Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go....


Going South.... back to the north end of the south park.
It's getting hot, 8os F 25 C.  These south beaches are nice and peaceful and practically deserted, especially on week days.
Spessard Holland Beach Park South

But you can still find junk

Who says a cheetah can't change it's spots?
This one has gone beyond the pale.
Faded by sun, Chester Cheetah looks more like a
snow leopard.

And you do get to meet nice people.  We talked with a surf fisher who was having good luck catching sand fleas for bait.  He told us how he saw three manatees temporarily caught up on a sand bar the other day.  They drew a crowd as they flipped around and freed themselves. Manatees can get huge but they're sweet creatures. He also told us how his granddaughter was learning to surf and was blessed with a pair of dolphins sharing a wave with her.

Fishing line for the recycle tube

Green shovel day in Melbourne Beach!
My collection is growing
We also met these guys, on the adventure of a lifetime; riding bicycles to California. They left Miami about three days ago; only about 3000 miles to go.  Hey Sara, look out for these guys. You may see them out there, looking exhausted.
 It brought back memories of my own bike trip.  I rode from Ontario, Canada to Indialantic, Florida in spring 2001.  About 1800 miles. There were some rough moments but it was awesome.  It took 30 days of riding with one day off.  My right pinky took a week to uncurl!  My brother did a similar trip from Ontario to New Orleans.   My advice to anyone even considering such an adventure, I hate to sound like a commercial but really- JUST DO IT!

OK, new rope rally.....10 feet today......1238 ft or 412.66 yards.
Thanks for dropping by,
Beach Hugger.


  1. I remember you going on that trip.

    1. I'm starting to get the itch to do another one, someday. The Florida to California ride would be tough but amazing.

  2. Good work Bonn. Florida to California is against the wind all the way. California to Florida would be a "Breeze". Ian G.